About Us

The author and owner of this site Dr. Yury Berengard is a mathematician, an engineer, a scientist and a teacher in the one person ( ! ). He graduated from a high school in 1961 with a Gold medal. After this he learnt 10 years more and received as a result two higher educations: the Moscow Automobile and Road-Construction Institute as a Mechanical Engineer (1966) and the Moscow State Lomonosov University as a M.Sc. in Mathematics (1971).

In 1979 he defended a thesis in the field of computer-aided engineering and analysis of hydraulic systems and received a Ph.D. in Technical Sciences. In 1989 he prepared a post-doctorate thesis on results of his scientific research during 15 years. He is an author of 2 books, a lot of papers and patents.

The fields of his professional interests: Dynamics of Hydraulic and Mechanical Systems, Mathematical Simulation, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Software Engineering, Computer-Aided Design and Engineering, System Analysis, Developing of On-line Learning Methods on the Base of Web Technologies.

From 1990 Dr. Y.Berengard lives in Israel. At first during two years he worked in Technion – Israel Institute of Technology; from 1993 till 2005 he  worked in a great Hi-Tech company. Now he works in the field of developing of on-line learning methods on the base of web technologies, he is a web manager and CEC - Certified E-commerce Consultant.

Dr.Y.Berengard is married, he has two sons. His younger son Sergey ( the left photo) is the nearest assistant in creation of this site.
During 40 years Yury Berengard has prepared more than 600 pupils for studies in the leading higher schools and universities: Moscow State Lomonosov University ( mechanical-mathematical, applied-mathematical, physical and biological faculties); Moscow Physical-Technical Institute; Moscow Physical-Engineering Institute; Moscow Bauman Higher Technical School; Moscow Power Institute; Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys Technology; Moscow Institue of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation; Moscow Aviation Institute; Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University etc.

The proposed mathematical web high school is a result of the richest professional and teaching experience, accumulated by Dr. Y. Berengard for these years.

The project participants

Yury Berengard – the project manager, Ph.D., CEC – Certified E-commerce Consultant
Izabella Berengard – the project commercial director
Sergey Berengard – web designer ( the site elaboration and development )