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Mathematical symbols dictionary

  identically equal,

    approximately equal,

~    approximately,

0.(12345)    the repeating decimal with the period 12345,

N   the set of natural numbers,

Z   the set of whole numbers (integers),

R    the set of real numbers,

    an empty set,

    an infinity sign,

    an element  belongs to a set  X,

   an element  doesn't belong to a set  X,

X Y   a set  X  is a subset of a set  Y,

    a union of sets  X and Y,

    an intersection of sets X and Y,

X \ Y   a symmetric difference of sets X and Y,

{ un }   a sequence with a general term  un ,

[ a, b ]    a numerical segment,

    numerical semi-segments (semi-intervals),

( a, b )    a numerical interval,

    a scalar product of vectors ,

    a vector product of vectors ,

==>     it follows,

<=>     equivalent,



    a triangle ABC,

  a function and its derivative.

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