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How to Use the Site?

The contents of the site embrace the whole mathematics curriculum of the high school. You'll find here theory, problems and tests. All the theoretical questions are subdivided into groups with sets of problems for independent solution and repetition of the studied material. The formulation of every problem is provided with the links, which lets you get help, see the solution and compare with the answer. The contents of the site are constantly being refilled.

On the left side of the page you can see the main school sections of the site.

"Search Site" helps you to find the page of the site, which contains a wanted theme. The rules of using of the search engine are written in details on the page Search .

"Program of Lessons" provides to study the mathematics curriculum by list of lessons . Click for this the button Lessons.   

"Study Guide" contains the menu where you can choose any of the main nine subjects of the course: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Functions and Graphs, Principles of Analysis, Sets, Probability, Analytic Geometry. Click the necessary button and you get to the other level of the menu, which contains the specifications of the theoretical questions and the problems of the chosen subject. Click one more time and you are ready to start studying of the chosen theme.

"Problems" ( the button Select topic ) provides you transit to the menu, which contains a list of problems of all the themes. Click any position and you receive a set of problems of different difficulty you're interested in. If it's necessary you can click a suitable link and get help, see the solution or compare with the answer.

You can check if you're prepared entering the section "Tests & Exams". Click the button Select test and you'll be offered 20 tests and tasks similar to those examinations you have at school, psychometrical tests and at the universities.

In the upper line of the page the buttons of the rest, more secondary sections of the site are placed.

The button Math Symbols opens you the dictionary of mathematical symbols used in the site.

The button Jokes Click and find out.

If you need consultation on any question ( in online mode ) click the button Forum.

If you want to know who creates the site click the button About Us.

The button Links inform you about the other analogous sites and the used literary sources.

The button Contact Us provides you to contact us.

To study the site structure click the button Site Map.

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