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We work under orders:
We solve problems from any section of mathematics!
We write abstracts on any set theme!

Dear users!

Our site renders the additional paid services:

1) decision of problems on elementary and higher mathematics;
2) writing of abstracts on the set subject matter on the mathematician, physics, computer science, technical and applied sciences, geography, history and other areas of knowledge.

To order these types of works it is possible by the site email:
info@bymath.com .

If the given work can be executed by us we inform the customer by email within 1-2 days on actual terms of performance and cost of the given work. The working costs depend on its complexity and promptness of performance. Preliminary sketches (part) of decision of problems or the ordered abstract are attached simultaneously on the letter that attests to quality, possibility and guarantee of performance of the task in whole. Term of performance of the order is counted from the moment of reception of the answer of the customer with his acknowledgement of consent with terms and cost of performance of the given work.

If the customer accepts terms and working costs and it is satisfied by quality of performance of the received part of the task it's possible to pay cost of all work through the 2CheckOut.com payment system to our account "Bymath" #284042 by credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or DinersClub. To make the payment it’s necessary to introduce data of your credit card into the system 2CheckOut.com.

If the customer finds out the mistakes admitted on our fault then their correction is made by us out of turn and free of charge. If mistakes grow out the indistinct formulation of the task or conditions of a problem, they can be corrected only by way of existing turn on performance of orders and for an additional payment.

All arising disputable questions at issue are solved both parties together in the working order.

If the given work cannot be executed by us we inform on it to the customer by email within 1-2 days where we specify the reason on which performance of the given order is impossible.

Orders for the following kinds of works are accepted:

1) decision of problems on the elementary mathematics
    • arithmetic
    • algebra
    • geometry
    • trigonometry
    • functions and graphs
    • principles of mathematical analysis

2) decision of problems on the higher mathematics
    • higher and linear algebra
    • analytic geometry
    • mathematical analysis
    • probability theory
    • mathematical statistics
    • differential equations

3) writing of abstracts on the certain themes from following fields of knowledge:
    • mathematics
    • mechanics
    • physics
    • computer science
    • hydraulics
    • electrical engineering
    • drives, transmissions and control systems
    • dynamics and strength of machines
    • mathematical simulation
    • planning and processing of experiment
    • geography
    • history
    • and others

To order these types of works it is possible by the site email: info@bymath.com .

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