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Andrey Aleksandrovich Gonchar (1931-2012) — the outstanding Soviet both Russian mathematician and organizer of science, Ph.D. of physical and mathematical sciences (1964), the academician of the Russian academy of sciences (1987). The expert in the field of the theory of functions and theories of approximations.
On October, 10th, 2012 on eighty first of a life the outstanding mathematician and organizer of science, the full member of the Russian academy of sciences Andrey Aleksandrovich Gonchar has died. He was the Ph.D. of physical and mathematical sciences, the Laureate of the State premium, Demidov's premium and premium "Triumph", the gentleman of the Keldysh's Gold medal, holder of orders «For merits before Fatherland » of II and III degree, the Labour Red Banner (twice).
Academician Andrey Aleksandrovich Gonchar was born on November, 21st, 1931 in Leningrad. In 1949 has left school with the Gold medal and has acted on mechanical-and- mathematical faculty of the Moscow State University which he has graduated in 1954. Since 1964 and up to the end of a life he worked in Mathematical Steklov's institute of the Russian Academy of Science.
In 1974 he has been selected by member-correspondent of the USSR Academy of Science on Mathematics Branch, and in 1987 — the academician on Mathematics Branch. In 1991-1998 he was a vice-president of the Russian Academy of Science, then - the adviser of the Russian Academy of Science.
A.A.Gonchar's scientific researches cover the broad audience of the problems concerning the theory of rational and harmonious approximations, theory of quasianalytical classes of functions, theory of potential and to other sections of the complex analysis. On all to these directions he received protruding results which have defined the further progress of these areas of mathematics. He is the founder of world famous scientific school on the theory of approximations of analytical functions. A.A.Gonchar has played a great role in process of creation and development of the Russian academy of sciences. Working as the academician-secretary of Mathematics Branch of the USSR Academy of Science, and then as a vice-president of the Russian Academy of Science, he has lead huge work on strengthening scientific potential of Russia and conservation of its scientific staff. As a Director-Organizer A.A.Gonchar has played a crucial role in creation of the Russian fund of basic researches.
A lot of forces and time Andrey Aleksandrovich gave publishing activity of the Russian academy of sciences. First of all, the high scientific reputation the oldest Russian mathematical magazine "Mathematical collection" which editor-in-chief A.A.Gonchar became in 1987, is obliged by its conservation to him.
The nature has generously presented A.A.Gonchar with humanitarian talent and the highest human qualities. He was distinguished always with goodwill, intelligence, wisdom, thin sense of humour, keenness, the careful and sympathetic attitude to associates, skill on dignity to appreciate the person, despite of regalia. Such for ever Andrey Aleksandrovich will be in memory close to him and deeply grieving friends, colleagues and disciples, everyone with whom he worked, cooperated, was friend, with whom sincerely respected and loved.
Hundreds him colleagues, friends, disciples send to spend Andrey Aleksandrovich Gonchar to the last way. Academician Andrey Aleksandrovich Gonchar was buried on Troyekurov's cemetery of Moscow.

To the Teacher memory

It has very much carried to me. I was a student of Andrey Aleksandrovich Gonchar. In 1967, having graduated a technical university, I have acted on an engineering stream of mechanical-and-mathematical faculty of the Moscow State University. In the schedule employment it was appeared, that lectures of the mathematical analysis will be read by professor A.A.Gonchar. When there has come time of the first lecture on mathematical analysis, on cathedra of lecture auditory a tightened, imposing, young man of years of forty run up. Lecture has begun. In some minutes in an auditory there was a full silence, so interestingly and gracefully the lecturer told. Magnificent speech, accuracy of think, witty examples, interesting historical information – all bewitched. We were witnesses of amazing action. I should tell, that having graduated two high schools, I any more did not meet so brilliant lecturer who was Andrey Aleksandrovich Gonchar. In breaks he did not escape on cathedra room, he has been surrounded by listeners and with pleasure answered all our questions, and concerned not only mathematics. Dialogue with him enriched and has left a trace in a shower for all life. During the first examination on the analysis I have got to him. I'll not go into details, but I have not handed over examination. Now, a lot of years later, I understand, what the bright lesson Andrey Aleksandrovich gave me. The mathematics does not suffer the approached reasonings. In it all should be stated maximum precisely and accurately that mathematicians name correct statement of a problem. I was not ready to it, therefore on expression of Andrey Aleksandrovich «substantial conversation has not turned out at us». But after that case I had to think over and to learn to express precisely my thinks.
Having heard to a bright rate of the mathematical analysis, we have asked Andrey Aleksandrovich to read through to us then a rate on the theory of functions of complex variable. He has gone to us towards, and we had as a result an opportunity to prolong to ourselves pleasure and again to listen to lectures in his bright execution.
Many years have passed, but memoirs and impressions of meetings with this bright person are alive and now. All in him was at very high level, all admired: powerful intellect, fine appearance and manners, profound knowledge, skill and desire to pass their another peoples, high professional and general human culture. All, that he did, he did beautifully . The great Person, the protruding Scientist, the wonderful Teacher has died. It is very sad.

Y.Berengard, Israel.

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