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Etienne Bezout (1730 1783) was a French mathematician.
From 1763 he taught mathematics in school of naval cadets, and with 1768 also in the Royal artillery school. The basic works on hidger algebra. In the theory of the decision of systems of the linear equations alongside with Cramer, Bezout assisted occurrence of the theory of determinants, developed the theory of exception of unknown persons from system of the equations of the maximum degrees, has proved the theorem (for the first time stated by Maclaurin) that two curves of the order m and n are crossed no more than in m-n points. In France and behind its limits up to 1848 was very popular his six-volume "The Rate of Mathematics" (1764-1769). Name Bezout names one of the basic theorems of algebra. Bezout has developed a method of uncertain multipliers: in elementary algebra its name names a way of the decision of systems of the equations, based on this method. Besides numerous minor works, Bezout wrote a "Theorie generale des equations algebriques", published at Paris in 1779, which in particular contained much new and valuable matter on the theory of elimination and symmetrical functions of the roots of an equation: he used determinants in a paper in the "Histoire de l'academie royale", 1764, but did not treat the general theory. The part of works is devoted to external ballistics.

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