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Problems for children on development of logic thinking
   Problems for preschool children

0.001. The giraffe, the crocodile and the hippopotamus lived in different small houses. The giraffe lived not in red and not in a dark blue house. The crocodile lived not in red and not in an orange house. In which houses did the animals live?

0.002. Three small fishes floated in different aquariums. The red fish floated not in round and not in a rectangular aquarium. A gold fish - not in square and not in round. In which aquarium did the green fish float?

0.003. There lived-were three girls: Kat, Helen and Rooty. Kat is above Helen, Helen is above Rooty. Who from girls is the highest, and who is the lowest?

0.004. Michael has three carriages of different color: red, yellow and dark blue and three toys: a ball, a robot and a car. In the red carriage he will carry not a car and not a robot. In yellow - not a car and not a ball. What will Michael carry in each of carriages?

0.005. The mousy goes not in the first and not in last car. A chicken - not in the average and not in last car. In which cars do a mousy and a chicken go?

0.006. The dragonfly sits not on a flower and not on a leaf. The grasshopper sits not on a fungus and not on a flower. The ladybird sits not on a leaf and not on a fungus. Who on what sits? (it is better to draw all)

0.007. Bill, Alex and Michael live on different floors. Bill lives not on the uppermost floor and not on the lowermost. Alex lives not on an average floor and not on bottom. On which floor does each of boys live?

0.008. Mum has bought dresses to Ann, Julia and Kat. Ann received not green and not red dress. Julia - not green and not yellow. Kat - not yellow and not red. What dress was bought by mum to each of girls?

0.009. In three plates different fruits lay. Bananas lay not in dark blue and not in an orange plate. Oranges - not in dark blue and in a pink plate. In what plate do plums lay? And bananas and oranges?

0.010. The flower does not grow under a fur-tree; the fungus does not grow under a birch. What does grow under a fur-tree and what under a birch?

0.011. Tony and Danny have decided to play. One with cubes, and another machines. Tony has taken not the machine. What did Tony and Danny play?

0.012. Vick and Kat have decided to draw. One girl drew paints, and another pencils. Vick has not taken paints. What did Kat begin to draw?

0.013. Red and black clowns acted with a ball and a sphere. The red clown acted not with a ball, and the black clown acted not with a sphere. With what subjects did Red and Black clowns act?

0.014. Eliza and Peter have gone to a wood to collect mushrooms and berries. Eliza did not collect mushrooms. What did Peter collect?

0.015. Two machines went on wide and on narrow roads. The lorry went not on narrow road. On what road did the car go? And lorry?

0.016. We have fifty-fifty matches. I have given to you 2 matches. By how many matches do you have more?

0.017. How many time is it necessary to cut a sausage to cut it on 3 parts?

0.018. Three matches lay on a table. How to make 4 of them?

0.019. Transpose one match so that piggy went to the opposite party:

0.020. On a fur-tree two branches are. On each branch one apple grows. How many all apples do grow on a fur-tree? (The answer: apples do not grow on a fur-tree).        

0.021. Lena has a brother. The brother has only one sister. What does his sister name?

0.022. Mum has bought 4 pears and apples. Apples were more, than pears. How many pears and how many apples mum has bought? (it is better to draw all)

0.023. Each of two brothers has one sister. How many children are in the family?

0.024. John, Alex and Bill like to play tennis. John plays better Alex, and Alex plays better Bill. Who plays the best?

0.025. Alla, Iren and Helen have learned to sew. Alla sews worse Iren, and Iren is worse Helen. Who sews the best? And who sews the worse?

0.026. Mum, daddy and I sat on a bench. I sat to the left of daddy, and mum – to the left of me. In what order we sat?

0.027. A beetle has 2 right paws and 2 left, 2 paws behind and 2 in front. How many paws a beetle has?

0.028. From a mink 4 mouse ears were put out. How many mousses were in a mink?

0.029. A cord was cut in three places. How many parts have turned out?

0.030. Two cucumbers, three carrots and four tomatoes lay on a plate. How many all vegetables are on a plate? How many green? How many not round?

0.031. Kat and Natalia are of identical growth. Kat is above Nicole, and Julia is above Natalia. Who is above: Nicole or Julia?

0.032. Who was born with a beard? (The answer: a goat)

0.033. At whom ears are on legs? (The answer: at a grasshopper)

0.034. What animal runs most quickly? (The answer: a cheetah)

0.035. At whom eyes are on horns? (The answer: at a snail)

0.036. What bird is not able to fly? (The answer: a hen)

0.037. Who carries the cubs in a bag?

0.038. Who sleeps headfirst? (The answer: a bat)

0.039. We beat it by a leg, a hand and a stick. It is not a pity to anybody. And for what we beat the poor creature? And that it is inflated! (The answer: a ball)

0.040. We run at night, we run in the afternoon, but we’ll not leave anywhere. (The answer : a watch)


Problems for younger school children

0.101. If a penguin will go from South Pole on the north in what direction it needs to move? (The answer: in any)

0.102. The boy costs on two legs and weighs 12 kg. How many kilograms will he weigh, costing on one leg?

0.103. A thermometer shows 10 degrees of heat. How many degrees do such two thermometers show?

0.104. The adult person speaks the child: «You are my son, but I am not father to you». Who is the adult to the child?

0.105. There are two fathers and two sons, they bear 3 oranges. How many oranges everyone bear? (The answer: one)

0.106. Sam spends for road from the house up to school of 10 minutes. What time does he spend for a back way?

0.107. A sister is 5 years old; her brother is 7 years old. How old will the brother be when his sister will be 7 years old? (The answer: 9 years)

0.108. There were 15 sweets. One of brothers has eaten 2 sweets, and another – 3. How many sweets will to their sister get?

0.109. You have got in a dark room, in which a paraffin lamp, a gas cooker and a candle are. What will you ignite all over again? (The answer: a match)

0.110. Three brothers are in family. Each of them has 2 native sisters. How many all children are in family? (The answer: 5)

0.111. What is heavier: one kilogram of cotton wool or half a kilogram of iron?

0.112. Five apples lay in a basket. How to divide them between 5 girls that everyone has received on 1 apple and that 1 apple remains in a basket?

          (The answer : to four girls to give on one apples, and the fifth – a basket with the remained fifth apple)

0.113. There are 5 candles on a table. Two from them died. How many candles remain on a table?

0.114. Two boys played chess 2 hours. What time did each of them play?

0.115. There were 2 glasses with a cherry, 3 glasses with a strawberry and 4 glasses with a raspberry on a table. Alex and Jack have eaten a cherry from 1 glass, a strawberry from 2 glasses and a raspberry from 3 glasses. How many glasses remain on a table?

0.116. To weld one egg 10 minutes are necessary. What time is necessary to weld 2 eggs?

0.117. Three horses have run 30 kilometers. How many kilometers each horse has run?

0.118. A plane flied 80 minutes from city A to city B, and in the opposite direction - 1 hour and 20 minutes. Why?

0.119. There was a strong rain in midnight. Whether is possible to hope, that in 72 hours there will be a solar weather?

         (The answer: it is impossible, as in 72 hours there will be again a midnight, and the sun does not happen at night)

0.120. Sam is below Nick and Nick is not above Alex. Who from boys is the highest, and who is the smallest?

0.121. At a stop of a bus two persons cost. One them is the father of the son of another. How it is possible?

0.122. Each match has length 4 centimeters. As from 18 matches to combine METER?

0.123. For the book have paid 100 dol. And it is necessary still so much, how many it would be necessary to pay, if for it would pay so much, how many it is necessary to pay. How many there is a book? (The answer: 200 dol.)

0.124.  Diameter of deep round lake is equal 200 meters. In the middle of lake there is an island on which a tree grows. On coast of lake also there is a tree. The person, not able to float, wishes to get from coast on island. It has a cord in length hardly more than 200 meters. How can he get from coast on island by means of this cord?

0.125. On three tin banks with cookies labels «Oat cookies», «Chocolate cookies» and «Almond cookies» are mixed. Banks are closed, so you cannot glance inside. You can take only one cookie only from one bank, and then correctly arrange labels. From what bank is it necessary to take cookie? 

0.126. In cafe there were three friends: sculptor White, violinist Black and artist Red. «At one of us white hair, at another – black, and at the third – red but at anybody color of hair mismatches a surname» - a dark haired man has noticed. «You are right » - White have told. What color of the artist hair? 

0.127. Three years ago Natalia was in 7 times more senior than her sister Maria. Two years ago Natalia was in 4 times more senior than Maria. One year ago Natalia was in 3 times more senior than Belief. How old are Natalia and Maria?

0.128. Nick, Alex and John are interrogated in police in connection with theft of a bicycle. Nick has told, that the bicycle has stolen by Alex. Alex has declared that he is innocent. John has told, that he also is not the thief. The policeman knew that only one of them speaks the truth. Who has stolen a bicycle? 

0.129. In one city all people were dealers or potters. Dealers always spoke a lie, and potters – the truth. When all people have gathered for the area, each of gathered has told the rest: «All of you are dealers! » How many potters were in this city? (The answer: 1)

0.130. Michael and Alex played on an attic, where dirtily enough and darkly. Then they have gone down downwards. All Alex’s person was dirty, and Michael’s person remains pure. Despite of it, only Michael has gone to wash. Why?

0.131. Classical problem: a wolf, a goat and a cabbage. The person needs to be forwarded through the river on other coast of a wolf, a goat and a cabbage. He has a boat. In a boat only two places. If to take with itself a wolf, the goat will eat cabbage if to take cabbage the wolf will eat a goat. How it can be made, that all have remained are whole and safe? (to make a figure)

0.132. Problem-joke. How many cakes can be eaten on an empty stomach?

0.133. In each of 4 corners of a room a cat sits. Against each cat sits on three cats, on a tail at each cat one cat sits. How many cats sit in a room? (The answer: 4 cats)

0.134. What cow lives more full: having a tail or lacking a tail?

0.135. For the book have paid 10 dollars and half more to cost. How many there is a book? (The answer: 20 dollars)

0.136. Along the street there is a bus. At the 1-st stop 3 persons have entered and 2 persons have left, at a following stop 5 persons have entered and one has left, then 6 persons have entered and three have left, then 3 persons have entered and 5 have left, further 4 persons have entered and 1 has left. How many all was stops at the bus? (The answer: 5 stops)

0.137. A cord has been cut in 4 places. How many slices of the cord have turned out?

0.138. The brick weighs 1 kg and still half of the brick. How many the brick weighs? (The answer: 2 kg)

0.139. Three pupils played with each other in chess. How many parties have played everyone? (The answer: 2 parties)

0.140. For manufacturing very tasty dish 4 liters of water are required exactly. There are two saucepans: 3-liter and 5-liter. How to measure exactly 4 litres?

0.141. Classical problem: a finding of a false coin. There are three coins. One of them – false, is easier than the others. Find a false coin one weighing on lever weights without weights.

0.142. In February, 2004 there were 5 Saturdays. What day of week was on February, 12th? (recollect, that such leap-year)

0.143. Write down number 4 in three identical digits, having connected them by signs on actions.

0.144. There are 100 apartments in the house. How many times does digit 9 meet on doors?

0.145. The saucepan filled with water up to the top weighs 5 kg, and filled half – 3 kg. How many waters are contained within a saucepan?

0.146. Problem-joke. Show, that if to add 4 to 6 it will turn out 11. (use the Roman digits)

0.147. Cross out 9 points by 4 direct lines, not tearing off a pencil from a paper:

0.148. When is it possible to cut a hand about water?

0.149. When the goose costs on one leg he s 3 kg.  How many does the goose weigh costing on both legs?

0.150. There were 5 roses and 10 dahlias In a vase. The grandmother have received all roses and 3 dahlias. How many roses remain in a vase?

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