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Percent. Three main problems by percents.

Percent is a hundredth part of unit. A record  1%  means 0.01. There are three main problems by percents:

Problem 1. Find an indicated percent of a given number.
The given number is multiplied by the indicated number of percents; then a product is divided by 100.

E x a m p l e . A deposit in a bank has an annual increase 6%. A sum of money in the beginning was equal to $10000. How many dollars will the sum be increased by in the end of the year?

S o l u t i o n :   $10000 6 : 100 = $600.

Problem 2. Find a number by another given number and its percent value of the unknown number.
The given number is divided by its percent value; the result is multiplied by 100.

E x a m p l e . A salary by January was equal to $15000, that was equal 7.5% of an annual salary. What was the annual salary ?

S o l u t i o n :  $15000 : 7.5 100 = $200000 .

Problem 3. Find the percent expression of one number by another.
The first number is divided by the second, and a result is multiplied by 100.

E x a m p l e . On 2001 a plant have produced 40000 cars; and on 2002 - only 36000 cars. What percent does it constitute relatively to the output of 2001 ?

S o l u t i o n :   36000 : 40000 100 = 90% .


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